tin can alley

They say that spring has arrived.  I bought some lovely daffodils at the local market.  I was almost convinced …then this happened.

Guess we’ll need to be patient.  In the meantime, we can always create that feeling of spring indoors.

Let’s bring recycling to a new level.  Instead of depositing that empty can into your recycle bin, turn it into a ‘shabby chic’ container for your spring bouquet.  Wash and dry your choice of empty cans.  For this presentation, I used the following cans:  46 ounce soup broth, 28 ounce tomatoes, 14 1/2 ounce tomatoes.  Grab some tacky craft glue (the type that dries clear) and 1/16″ inch jute twine.  That’s it.   You’re all set.

Begin by applying a generous amount of glue along the seam of the can, just in the ridged area.  Starting at either end, attach the twine by following the circular ridge pattern.  Don’t be concerned if the glue peeks through a bit.  Once it dries, you won’t notice it.

Once you reach end of the ridged area, cut the twine about an inch or so longer than you’ll need.  Tuck the end under the previous row.  Press firmly so that it grabs hold of some glue.  Trim edge of twine so that it is flush. That’s it!


The large can is suitable for arrangements of mixed flowers …the small can is perfect for featuring a bunch of small blooms, with some feathery greens included.  I especially love the mid-size can in the kitchen.  You know how you can buy those potted herbs in your local supermarket?  Bring that potted sage home, remove the plastic outer-wrap, drop the plastic planter right into the can.  No need to worry about leaks when you water the plant …any excess is held within the can.

Now you just need some sun-filled windowsills and it’s like a burst of spring!

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  • what a beautiful idea!… i am definitely going to try this… i hate the conventional flower vases that they give you, so this will be welcome change for me and my flowers… speaking of spring, i saw a cluster of daffodils the other day… then it snowed… oh well, the spring weather is coming soon!… good luck on your blog… your presentation is fabulous!…