gluten-free ice cream sandwiches

Let’s continue the gluten-free celebration.  I have a few – four to be exact – dark chocolate cookies left from yesterday’s batch.  They just happen to be perfectly round and flat …just the right size and texture to hold some ice cream.  The cookie recipe can be found here.

And just to be fair …let’s give credit where it’s due.  Sophia & Ava were lucky enough to take some freshly made cookies home with them after their recent visit.  I’m pretty sure they think this ice cream sandwich creation is a good idea.  Thanks so much for the inspiration, girls!

Gather up the cookies, some of your favorite ice cream and just for good measure …some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Because you can never have too much chocolate. 

Allow the ice cream to soften slightly before layering it between two cookies.  The formed sandwich edges will be rolled in a tray of mini chips.  It is important to work quickly to avoid melted ice cream which can cause messy drips.  As soon as the process is complete, wrap the sandwich in parchment paper or plastic wrap and place in the freezer to re-freeze.

Keep frozen until ready to serve.  Depending on the temperature of your freezer, you may choose to allow the sandwich to sit at room temperature for a few minutes before enjoying.

Each sandwich is quite large …a half sandwich would provide a substantial snack.

gluten-free ice cream sandwich

Sandwiches constructed with   Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cookies

Delicious and refreshing, just the treat for kids of all ages.

Servings 2 large sandwiches


  • 3 ounces mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 4 large gluten-free dark chocolate cookies (See note below)
  • 8 ounces good quality ice cream


  1. Place chocolate chips on a small plate and set aside.

  2. Place 1 cookie, top side facing down, on your workspace.  Quickly, scoop about 4 ounces ice cream on the exposed side of the cookie.  Smooth out the ice cream so that it is even and close to the edge of the cookie.  Place another cookie on top of the ice cream, with the top side facing up.  Gently press down so that the ice cream is flush with the edge of the sandwich.

  3. Roll the edges of the sandwich through the chocolate chips so that the edges are almost completely covered.  

  4. Immediately wrap the sandwich in parchment paper or plastic wrap and place in freezer.  Repeat process with the other 2 cookies. 

  5. Before serving, cut each sandwich in half.  

Recipe Notes

For the large gluten-free dark chocolate cookies, get the recipe here.

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