faux marble eggs

Did you know that the custom of dying Easter eggs dates back to some time in the 1800’s?  The first pack of those egg-dye tablets – you know, the ones we all knew of as children – were introduced by PAAS in 1880.  A pack of tablets cost a mere five cents.  A dozen eggs set you back about twenty cents.  Not bad for an afternoon of fun with the kids.

I discovered this method of marbleizing in the current issue of Southern Living magazine.  The list of supplies you’ll need for this project is minimal …just some basic household items.

disposable plastic containers
plastic forks
disposable gloves
hard boiled eggs
nail polish
egg carton (for drying eggs)

Whatever method you choose to get those eggs hard-boiled, the choice is yours.  Once the eggs are cooled and dry, you’re ready to be an artisan.  Be sure to cover your work area with a protective layer of craft paper or newspaper.  Off to the side, have a cooling rack set up …protected with several layers of paper towels.  If you are glazing your eggs in a single color, just one container is needed.  But, if you plan to get crazy with this …three or four will do.

Fill the container with room temperature water.  Be sure it is deep enough to cover an egg.  Drizzle a little of one or several shades of nail polish into the water until the surface is covered.  Using a toothpick, swirl the polish to create a marbled effect.  Hold the egg between two fingers, touching as little of the shell as possible. Dip the egg straight into the water, fully submerging it.  After a few seconds, gently remove it from the water with two disposable plastic forks.  Place on prepared rack to dry, turning it gently now and then to promote even drying and to minimize sticking.

Once entire surface of each egg is dry, store your works of art in the original carton until you’re ready to display them for all the world to see.  Arrange them artfully in one of your favorite containers and place your creation in a prominent spot on your holiday table.

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