dollar store celebration

I love the dollar store.  It’s the place where you can go to become a hero.  In your grandchildren’s eyes, anyway.  All for less than twenty dollars.  

Pick up a functional basket or tote and stroll up and down the aisles, collecting good stuff along the way.

The key to your success is to wrap as much stuff as you can.  Kids love to unwrap presents.  Use inexpensive kraft paper then jazz it up with colorful curling ribbon.  Attach what you can to each gift …like children’s scissors, pinwheels and plastic rings.

Use some crumpled up tissue paper to fill in the bottom of your container.  Shredded paper works well, too but it makes quite a mess when your little one is ripping through the basket.

Try to position the ribbon off to the side of each gift so that when they are placed in the basket, the gifts will lie flat against each other.  And the colorful ribbon curls and attachments will show through.  A small cuddly stuffed animal is perfect as the final touch.

Wait til you see the look on your little one’s face when he realizes that this party in a basket is for him!  Just sit back and wait for the smiles and hugs.

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