12 delicious ways to use that plentiful zucchini

If you’re like most folks, you want your family to have healthy food choices each and every day. It makes sense that you’re most likely looking for ways to add more fresh vegetables to the mix. This is the time to take advantage of that plentiful green squash. Zucchini is inexpensive, nutritious, and its mild taste and creamy texture make it incredibly versatile. Whether you want to make zucchini the centerpiece of a show-stopping dinner, give it a turn on your grill, serve it as a side, or sneak in into kid-friendly snacks, we have some ideas for you. Check them out in our easy to navigate collection …12 Delicious Ways To Use That Plentiful Zucchini

Did you know that zucchini is not always green? You’re probably used to seeing a vegetable that’s green and speckled, but there’s a yellow variety of zucchini, and it’s easy to confuse with yellow squash, a different type. The easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the shape. Yellow squash usually has a tapered neck, either crooked or straight, whereas zucchini of any color looks like a cylinder from end to end. Though not much is known about the difference between the varieties, some say golden zucchini has a sweeter flavor than the green kind. Also keep in mind that it retains its color after cooking, so it makes a sunny addition to any dish.

Want to learn more about zucchini? Here’s an informative article, along with another one, outlining everything you need to know about your favorite summer squash. Varieties, how to buy it, how to store it, and nutrition information. Now on to the good stuff. The awesome recipes.

lidia's zucchini roll-ups

1 / 12     Lidia’s Zucchini Roll-Ups

Delicious served warm with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. If you have extra, these strips are amazing when added to a sandwich with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, and pesto. OR layer them up with some mozzarella, parmesan, and tomato sauce. After a brief stint in the oven, you’ll have zucchini parmesan. Get the recipe.


zuni café zucchini pickle strips

2 / 12     Zuni Café Zucchini Pickle Strips

On their own, these guys are on the sweet side with just a hint of tartness. And, to be honest, they’re somewhat flimsy. They are just strips of zucchini, after all. But layer them on your cheeseburger or chicken salad sandwich and they are magical. Get the recipe.


zucchini fritters with lemon caper aioli

3 / 12     Zucchini Fritters With Lemon Caper Aioli

This one is quick and easy. A perfect handheld snack for your little ones. And with one easy swap of flour, they can be gluten-free. Get the recipe.


cheesy roasted ratatouille dip

4 / 12     Cheesy Roasted Ratatouille Dip

Over-the-top cheesy perfection. Bring on the naan, crusty bread or hearty chips. But keep in mind that this dip is naturally gluten-free and low-carb. By choosing the appropriate dippers, those folks on a restricted diet can enjoy their share of the goodness. Get the recipe.


healthy baked zucchini fries

5 / 12     Healthy Baked Zucchini Fries

Don’t be fooled by the name. Even though these guys aren’t fried, they sure do taste like they are.  They are easy to make. They are delicious. And they are baked in the oven. And you can make them gluten-free, if need be. Can’t go wrong on this one. Get the recipe.


creamy grilled zucchini parmigiana

6 / 12     Creamy Grilled Zucchini Parmigiana

Layered strips of grilled zucchini with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses and a basil-infused béchamel. Not too rich. Just the right amount of creaminess. Need to make it gluten-free? No problem – simply switch out the flour. Get the recipe.


garden greens pizza bianca

7 / 12     Garden Greens Pizza Bianca

This is a white pizza with some heartiness. Not the heavy type that’s loaded with oil and garlic. This one is loaded with flavor and texture that presents the fresh green vegetables as the stars of the show. And to make the process an easy one, start it off with fresh pizza dough from your local Italian bakery. Get the recipe.


cheesy end-of-season garden minestrone

8 / 12     Cheesy End-Of-Season Garden Minestrone

Capture the flavors of the summer harvest in one bowl of cheesy goodness. Vegetarian and gluten-free, if desired. Just be sure to use vegetable broth and gluten-free pasta. And you’re all set. Get the recipe.


gluten-free (or not) chocolate zucchini loaf

9 / 12     Gluten-Free (Or Not) Chocolate Zucchini Loaf

A delicious loaf of chocolatey goodness. Moist and nutritious. Not too sweet. Like eating a piece of good quality dark chocolate. It’s baked in a loaf pan. So does that make it a bread? Or is it cake? No matter. You just need to try this one. Don’t need it to be gluten-free? As we’ve said before …make it your way. Get the recipe.


zucchini involtini with swiss chard & ricotta

10 / 12     Zucchini Involtini With Swiss Chard & Ricotta

So easy to make and assemble once you master the proper thickness for each zucchini slice.  They need to be thick enough that the filling won’t break through as you roll them.  And baked just long enough to be pliable for rolling.  Truly worth the effort.  So delicious. Naturally gluten-free. And low-carb. Get the recipe.


the best shrimp & zucchini fritters

11 / 12     The Best Shrimp & Zucchini Fritters

Best enjoyed right from the oven served with your favorite dipping sauce.  They’re especially tasty when dipped in cocktail sauce.  Perfect for a large crowd. They’re naturally gluten-free and low-carb. And the little guys go crazy over them. Get the recipe.


grilled zucchini pizza tacos

12 / 12     Grilled Zucchini Pizza Tacos

Call this a pizza taco. Or a small folded over pizza. With a hit of flavor from the ranchero sauce. Doesn’t matter what you call it. Just enjoy it. We’ve made our own homemade dough here but you can always give these a try with store bought dough. Either way, you have a crowd pleaser. Get the recipe.


12 delicious ways to use that plentiful zucchini

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