flowers & veggies

Looking for a way to spruce things up around the house?  Have some friends stopping by for drinks?  You can’t beat the look and feel of fresh flowers and you don’t have to spend a lot to get the effect.  The money you save doing it yourself can be used for that seafood appetizer you would love to serve.  Or for that really good bottle of red.  Or two.

Start with a few bundles of fresh flowers from your local market.  Some hydrangea and seeded eucalyptus set me back a grand total of fifteen dollars.  Not bad, huh?  Then add some fresh vegetables that happen to catch your eye.  What?  Yes.  I said fresh vegetables.  They add amazing visual interest to a floral arrangement.  A baby artichoke and a handful of brussel sprouts will work for under five dollars.  If you can, grab some cutters and take a stroll in your yard.  You may be surprised at the variety of color and texture …there for the taking!

Grab the container of your choice, cut some florist foam to fit and you are on your way to a fabulous arrangement.  Start by forming a base with your greens before adding your large blooms.

You’ll need some wooden skewers for the baby artichoke and brussel sprouts …insert the pointed end into the base of the vegetable and break the skewer to the appropriate spot.  Make the skewer a bit longer than you think you’ll need and try it on for size.  It’s an easy fix to make it shorter as you go.

For this example, I added the artichoke along with the large blooms.  Once I was happy with the ‘look’ of it, I added the sprouts and additional eucalyptus.  Add some water and voila!  A beautiful handmade creation!

You may find that you have materials leftover.  How great is that?  Check your cabinets.  Bet you have some interesting vessels for a few more floral accents.  I do have a soft spot for unusual glass jars.  And vintage glassware.  Whatever you can find that you love.  Fill with water. Insert stems.  So easy, right?

All this for under twenty dollars.  Gotta love DIY!


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