My Story

I am a stay-at-home mom mom (sounds better than recently retired, don’t you think?) who loves to spend time in my kitchen. My husband is my chief taste tester…. our children and grandchildren are my seasoned samplers. A gathering of family and friends, enjoying a variety of my prepared food, is my idea of a good day.

I have no formal training but can assure you that the recipes featured on this site are tried and true. Some are handed down through my family while others are shared by good friends. Then there’s my personal cookbook collection. I confess to having a bit of an issue when it comes to a beautifully illustrated cookbook. Enough said on that… you will always know the source of my inspiration.

Food prepared in the home has always been my preference but I don’t object to a shortcut here or there. If the Italian bakery down the street is willing to sell their pizza dough, sign me up. On a busy day, I’ll be first in line to purchase some basil pesto from the local organic market. It’s all about enjoying the process without stress.

Along with my adventures in the kitchen, my passions include traveling, reading and crafting.  Above all, though, the best of times are those spent with family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by.  Any questions?  Suggestions?

You can reach me at rose at ahintofrosemary dot com.

Hope you’ll continue to visit!